Scenic Gulf Drive Vacation Home Sales Update

Scenic Gulf Drive Vacation Home Sales Update

Scenic Gulf Drive / South of 98 Single Family Market

January Market Snapshot


The start of 2024 has brought with it a mixed set of signals in the detached single family real estate market for Scenic Gulf Drive / South of 98. Here's a deep dive into what the numbers are telling us:

1.Sustained Price Growth: The consistent rise in both average listing prices and selling prices from January 2022 to January 2024 underscores a market with a positive long-term outlook on property values.

2.Recovery Indicators: After a dip in January 2023, the market has shown signs of recovery in January 2024, with increased sold prices and a median sale price that has climbed by 50% from the previous year, suggesting renewed confidence.

3.Market Cooling: The significant increase in the average days on the market, especially from 24 days in January 2022 to 185 days in January 2024, points to a cooling market where buyers are taking more time to make purchasing decisions.

4.Negotiation Dynamics: The list-to-sold ratio shows that sellers are closer to achieving their asking prices in January 2024 than in January 2023, although not quite as close as in January 2022, indicating a shift in negotiation power between sellers and buyers.

5.Volume Variability: There's a noticeable fluctuation in the number of homes sold, with a sharp decrease in January 2023 followed by a slight improvement in January 2024, which may reflect changing economic conditions or buyer sentiment.

6.Strategic Considerations for Sellers: Given the longer selling times, sellers may need to strategize pricing and marketing more effectively to align with buyer expectations in the current market climate.

In summary, while the market demonstrates resilience in property values, the increase in days on the market and changes in negotiation dynamics suggest a shift towards a more balanced market, potentially offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers.



Historical Overview: Tracing the Market from 2010 to 2024

As we navigate today's market, it's enlightening to look back over the past 14 years. This historical overview spans from 2010 through 2024, offering a comprehensive look at the market trends in the Scenic Gulf Drive area. Within these pages, you'll discover key insights into how the market has evolved over a significant period, setting the stage for understanding today's market conditions. This extended timeline not only provides a rich context but also helps us discern long-term patterns and shifts that have shaped the market we see today.

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